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This liquid allergy medication works quite quickly (seems to be quicker than pill form). It doesn't have the most pleasant taste, but it certainly is tolerable to swallow, especially if one has a drink of water immediately afterward to remove any lingering aftertaste. It seems to work as well as the leading brand name alternatives, and this Equate version is definitely a lot cheaper. The effectiveness and immediacy of the product seems comparable to the competition, so the lower price definitely gives much more value for the money spent.Any children's product should be carefully examined and studied before use, particularly for young children. For me personally, I don't have a problem using this product for my children, as long as we simply follow the instructions given and heed the warnings. As long as one follows those directions and warnings, I would recommend this to them.



My poor son suffered from the worst summertime allergies of anyone I know. His eyes got puffy, his nose wouldn't stop running and invariably, he got stinking headaches. He used to wake up in the middle of the night coughing and scratching his throat most nights and I would feel terrible for him. However, for the last 6 months I've been using Equate's Children's Allergy Liquid almost on a daily basis and since then, his 'attacks' have dramatically reduced. Thanks to the active ingredient Diphenhydramine HCI 12.5 mg in each 5 ml, he has only woken up twice in the night during the last 6 months and on both of those occasions, it seemed a milder attack and he was able to get back to sleep in minutes. The only detrimental thing I can say about the product which on the plus side is dye-free, is that whilst it is bubble gum flavored, my son does not like the taste of it at all. Having said this, I would have to say this has to be the most effective and cost saving version of antihistamine medicine I know of.




My son has been taking this Equate Children's Allergy relief for over a year now, and it has been a great medicine for him. It has a taste that doesn't seem to bother him too much. It is easy to measure out. The texture is good...not so syruppy thick that it sticks to the cup. It is just as effective as name brand children's allergy relief, but it is so much less expensive. Even using coupons, I cannot get the name brand medications as inexpensively as I can purchase this. It is very noticeable when he does NOT take this medicine as he is coughing, sneezing and runny nosed. So I know that the medication is also effective. I highly recommend this and will continue to use it myself.


Lagrange, OH


When my kids have any type of poison ivy or bug bite that gives them a severe reaction, I always purchase Equate Children's Allergy Liquid. It is equally comparable to the name brand (like Benadryl), yet it is a fraction of the cost. Last year, in particular, I had to purchase several bottles of this medicine. Two of my children had multiple bad reactions to poison ivy (we bought a new house with a big, overgrown yard) and they were extremely itchy. The Equate liquid worked wonders to alleviate their discomfort. My kids also didn't mind the cherry flavor so much...the flavor was no different than any other children's medication. Overall, I would highly recommend this product for someone who needs it and likes to save some money in the process.




Being a parent who has allergies you always tend to want the best for your children because you know what their going through and how difficult it can seem to make life become. This is one product that I have grown to love. I reccoment it every chance I get. It helps with the symptoms that my child has and made them feel better about conducting their everyday life. No more runny noses or red itchy eyes.Their able to go out side and play or just hang in the house with the dog and have as much fun as they like. But I must admitt..... the best part for a parent is that Equate Children's Allergy Relief is more then just effictive, it gets the job done. and it dosent cost as much as some of those other brands. It puts a smile on the childs face because they are able to enjoy a better quality of life and your able to enjoy it just as much as they are. what more could a mother want, low coast and a product that actually works.


Ogden, UT


Every time my Son gets sick he gets a runny nose. His nose usually gets so bad that if I don't give him medicine 1) he can't sleep 2) the mucus causes him to cough so much he throws up. I talked to his doctor's office and they recommended that I give him benadryl to cut the mucus. They also suggested he take hot showers and use a humidifier (which we do). I used Benadryl for a while and now it seems that every time you turn on the news, the product is being recalled. I personally don't like the thought of giving my Son medicine that "might" be recalled. I just didn't trust the name brand any more. I have had really good results with the Equate brand of products so I first tried the adult version and had really good results (on myself not my child). I finally decided that the Equate brand had to be as safe (or more so) than the name brand since it kept being recalled so I bought some "Equate Children's Allergy Relief" for my Son. It has the same ingredient as the name brand Benadryl in it (Diphenhydramine HCI). I cannot tell a difference in this product and Benadryl. It works great! It cuts the mucus and helps him sleep (and not get sick). I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. It says on the bottle not to take it under 6 years old but my Son's doctor said it would be fine and gave me the dosage for his age and weight. Check with your Doctor first and if they say it's okay then I would go for it. It works great!


Dallas, GA


Equate children's allergy over the counter medicine works every bit as well as the name brand Benedryl. It is easy to use as it is a liquid and althoughliquid is preferablefor a child, I prefer to use a liquid as well. Hence, I bought the product for myself.I am undergoing radiation treatments and one of the side effects besides the burned skin is a rash. Since the skin is very sensitive and you do not want to chance breaking the skin, it is highly recommended to take an allergy product to prevent itching and scratching.Remember, you want the product to work the first time and also to work every bit as well as the next. I choose Equate children's allergy liquid after reading and comparing ingredients. The true test came when I actually had to use it. Of course it still made me drowsy, as I believe all medicines that contain an antihistimine will, but the main test was that it in fact took the itch away and in the same amount of time as Benedryl. It even tasted just as pleasant. I was definitely hooked.


Wheeling, WV


Every home should have someAllergy Medicationin the medicine cabinet. This has been used many, many times to help our kids in so many ways. The doctor highly recommended using Allergy Medication when my son got stung twice by a wasp - once on the nose, and once on the hand. Within 2 hours of using this medication, the swelling was nearly gone. The itching and burning was much less as well. I was so glad I had this on hand! We have also used this to help my son sleep (please no hate mail here). He was having alot of problems with night terrors. Even with waking him up before the usual time, he would continue to have them. Sometimes they would occur every hour or 2 at night.This medicinehelped him break the cycle and sleep through the night again. The doctor was also okary for using this method. The Equate Children's Allergy Liquid is just as effective as the higher-priced Benadryl and just as effective.


Lincoln, NE



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