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I tried these vitamins off and on for a few days and had to throw the rest away. It always made me nauseous and caused me to vomit when I took it. It also gave me the terrible pains under my right side of my rib cage. Unsure as to why. After I stopped taking issues resolved. Will not use again even if I was paid to.




I have been taking multivitamins forever. I bought these since my regular brand ran out and I thought these could carry me over. I took them twice, both times after eating with plenty of fluids. I got sick 20 min. after both times. I'm done taking these as they obviously put something undesirable in them. I get a cold about every 5 years and that's the extent of my medical history. Avoid!


Poulsbo WA


Hello! I have been using these vitamins from Equate for the past 3 years and I definitely see improvement! My skin, nails and hair are in excellent condition. And in general mine condition is on the rise. I feel better and happier. My nails and hair grow very fast. Husband also noticed improvement. We are taking one pill everyday after supper. I no longer count how many packages I bought for the whole time :) my husband is also very pleased with them and he likes them more than those that are considered only for men. For people on budget, but they are really work good. Pills is pretty big but It's not hard to swallow. The color of the pills are light pink. No smell and no bad taste. You stomach won't be upset. Attention! If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, you should consult your doctor before taking these vitamins.Be careful, they are not meant for children!


Madison, WI


When deciding if this is the best multivitamin to use or not, then one needs to consider whether he value cost or quality more. Equate brand multivitamins are what you pay for. They cost less money, but they are a lower quality than the brand names that charge more. So if one wants some value for a less money, then this can work. If someone would rather get better quality, then he needs to spend more. Particularly with supplements like this, the quality of the vitamin that is put in can greatly affect the quality and help that it provides for the person who is using it. Cheaper ingredients provide cheaper costs to the consumer, but they also provide much lower quality. Personally, if I am already paying for something like a multivitamin, I would rather pay a little more so that I can know I am getting the best ingredients rather than spend some money on something that may not provide a great benefit.




I went on a diet and dropped 75 lbs pretty quickly, unfortunately my hair seemed to have also lost a lot in that diet as I had changed what I was eating so drastically. My hair was falling out left and right, so I decided I should go and buy some type of multivitamin to try and help keep it in and give it whatever it was missing. Most multivitamins are extremely expensive for a pill, so when I found this and it was a great price I decided to give it a shot. I took it for about a month before I started to really notice a difference. My nails were growing faster, my skin looked nicer, and most importantly my hair had slowed down drastically on the amount of it that was falling out. I also noticed that I had more energy to keep up with my new busy lifestyle and going to the gym. It is a great overall multivitamin and has helped me to get where I want to be with my health without having to spend an arm and a leg.




I bought Equate Complete Multivitamins because they are not man or woman specific so I didn't have to buy two different types for my husband and myself. Not only do these save me money by being for both of us, it is also so much more convenient especially when we are traveling. These vitamins are very good and have made a noticeable difference to the way I feel and the energy I have. While these vitamins do not eliminate the need to eat healthy, they are an excellent supplement to make sure that I am getting all the important vitamins that I need. These multivitamins do not contain iron which I think makes them easier to take. I don't get an upset stomach when I take them and also when I take them they do not have any nasty aftertaste to them afterwards. The vitamins are not huge so they are easy to swallow. These multivitamins are also reasonable priced. I feel like I'm taking a quality product when I use these.


Toledo, OH


A couple of years ago I thought I would try this multivitamin to save money and I am so glad I did. Equate Complete Multivitamin is a great quality product at a great price. I have been taking it daily for about a few years now, I feel so much better than I did before taking it. The pills are a little big and may be hard to swallow for some and they do leave a bad taste if you happen to leave them on your tongue too long. It gives me peace of mind to know that I am getting the vitamins that I may not always get from the food I eat, as I have such a bad habit of skipping meals. This multivitamin has all the vitamins and minerals that are essential to our health. If compared to other more expensive multivitamins you will find that this product has all or more of the same ingredients. Most multivitamins today are simply not good enough to waste your hard earned money on, so why not give Equate Complete Multivitamin a try. I highly recommend this product to anyone, I am sure they will be just as pleased as I have been.




This is literally the knock off generic version of Centrum Silver's one a day complete vitamins. So basically with that in mind that is the overall expectation of what you'll get. The main differences though that I noticed are for one you get way more multivitamins for the price and they are quite a bit smaller than the centrum vitamins. I bought them because they were affordable and with two hundred pills there's a lot of time before you have to go out and restock. They are really mild, I didn't even have to take them with a meal so either they're really catering to the needs of those with sensitive stomach's or they just aren't all that strong of multivitamins. I would guess since they are from Equate that the second is the case. I do think Equate brands are a close second and a suitable alternative to traditional every day vitamins but if you're looking for potent pills these aren't them.




Equate Complete Multivitamin provides me with a multivitamin that is in my price range and stacks up well to the name brand multivitamins sold in drugstores or discount stores. I compared the ingredients in the Equate brand to others and find that I am getting the same vitamins for a great price. I do not have to worry about having to go to a specific drugstore to find the brand I am using. There is always a WalMart nearby that can provide me with almost a seven month supply in just one bottle. I also appreciate the fact that the tablets are just slightly smaller than some brands because the smaller the tablet, the easier it is for me to swallow. One thing that I usually find when buying multivitamins at WalMart is that the expiration date is usually years out, so I never have to worry that the container will have an expiration date before it is empty. I don't always think that a "store-brand" product will work just as well, but I trust WalMart to give me a product that I can trust and that will do what it was intended to do.




I bought these after my doctor told me I needed multivitamins. These made me very sick. I threw up everyday after I took one and became very dehydrated. I eventually had to stop taking them and the day after I stopped taking them, I began to feel much better. I would NOT recommend these to anybody. I don't know why they made me so sick and I don't know if I am the only one. But when I switched to another brand of multivitamins I had no problem.. So that leads me to believe that it was this product, not my body. My doctor was confused also as to why I was fine with other products but this one managed to make me as sick as it did. He had another patient try it who seemed to have the same results that I did, so our doctor decided to write to the company letting them know that he had patients getting sick from this. Like I said, I won't buy again and I won't let me family or friends buy it. Hopefully no one else gets sick from this.





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