How is Seattle Mariners' pitching depth now? What Dipoto said (2024)

There’s been a ton of focus on what the Seattle Mariners have done this offseason when it comes to the lineup, but what about where things stand with the team’s pitching, which was their strength in 2023?

Seattle Mariners’ Dipoto: Why longtime trade target Jorge Polanco ‘fits perfectly’

That was a key topic during M’s president of baseball operations Jerry Dipoto’s visit with Seattle Sports’ Brock and Salk on Tuesday.

The Mariners’ big deal this week landed them an everyday player at a position of need in second baseman Jorge Polanco. To do that, the Mariners traded four players, including reliever Justin Topa and swing man Anthony DeSclafani, to Minnesota.

“While we did open up a hole in our bullpen with this last trade, by and large from the starting five to the back-end of our bullpen with (Matt) Brash and ‘Muni’ (Andrés Muñoz) and (Gabe) Speier, I feel like we’re in really good shape across our 13-man pitching staff,” Dipoto said.

State of the bullpen

Topa is the latest example of the Mariners turning a lesser-known pitcher into a leverage reliever.

He had pitched just 18 1/3 MLB innings before joining Seattle ahead of the 2023 season, but he quickly emerged as a key arm for the M’s, pitching 69 innings with a 3.15 ERA and 1.145 WHIP.

Moving Topa to Minnesota comes a few months after the Mariners sent star reliever Paul Sewald to Arizona.

So how is Seattle’s bullpen looking now?

“We’re very confident, like I said, in those three guys that man the back-end,” Dipoto said. “Muni and Brash and Gabe Speier, who very quietly had an awesome year for us last year, we’ve got our pivot man in (Tayler Saucedo). That group, they are both experienced in the back end and they are coming off good years, all four of them. The challenge now exists to find a way of taking that group and matching it up with the guys that give us a little more length.”

Additionally, the Mariners have acquired multiple “big power arms” this offseason, Dipoto said, and have a promising reliever prospect who debuted last season.

“Guys like Carlos Vargas, we have Prelander Berroa in-house, Jackson Kowar. We’ve picked up a couple of guys on small deals through the course of the winter that we’re excited about, and we’ve generally done very well in this area,” Dipoto said. “And somewhere among Vargas and Kowar and Berroa and (Ty) Buttrey and (Joey) Krehbiel, we are going to turn up something of a gem. We’ve always been able to do that, and I’m very confident in our pitching people and in the arm talent that each of those guys brings to the table.”

Starting rotation depth

The Mariners have held onto their top five starting pitchers this offseason, but they have lost depth in the rotation by trading Robbie Ray, Marco Gonzales and now DeSclafani, who was acquired earlier this month from the San Francisco Giants.

“I think while it takes a ding moving (DeSclafani) out the door – he was by far the most experienced of the next group of starters we had after our front five – we still have Austin Voth, who has done a really nice job of bouncing between the rotation and the bullpen, and when given an opportunity to start, he’s actually been quite effective as a major league pitcher. He’s in that mix, probably going to line up as our swing man to start the season as if everybody’s healthy,” Dipoto said. “Similarly, we stretched out Trent Thornton, who has a history as a starter. We’re gonna give him the opportunity to to come in and showcase his ability to provide length.”

Dipoto called it “a real positive” that former first-round pick Emerson Hanco*ck, who made his MLB debut last season but soon after was lost for the season due to injury, is now healthy, and Seattle has other arms who could come up and start if needed.

“We’ve got the reliable strike throwers like a Tyson Miller and a Darren McCaughan, who are lined up to start in Triple-A, and I feel like we’re in pretty good shape there to start the season feeling like your depth chart and the starting rotation is at least 10 deep,” Dipoto said. “You’re going to use nine to 12 guys in a blink … and I feel like there’s a next wave. There’s a couple of younger pitchers who are going to start the season in Double-A who we’re very high on, guys like Reid VanScoter and Jimmy Joyce who we feel like can really help out.”

Listen to the full Brock and Salk conversation with Seattle Mariners president of baseball operations Jerry Dipoto in the podcastat this linkor in the player near the top of this post.

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How is Seattle Mariners' pitching depth now? What Dipoto said (2024)


What pitcher did the Mariners trade? ›

As spring training nears, the Seattle Mariners have traded right-handed pitcher Darren McCaughan to the Miami Marlins for cash considerations.

Who is the Mariners best pitcher? ›

SO StrikeoutsWhen a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter. Strikeouts Glossary
1 Luis Castillo P 1 ‌ ‌ ‌36
2 Logan Gilbert P 2 ‌ ‌ ‌29
3 George Kirby P 3 ‌ ‌ ‌26
4 Bryce Miller P 4 ‌ ‌ ‌24
12 more rows

What is the fastest pitch by a Seattle Mariner? ›

Mariners pitcher Andrés Muñoz threw a 103 mph strike that had everyone in awe.

Who was the first pitcher to throw a no hitter for the Seattle Mariners? ›

Randy Johnson

Did the Mariners trade Griffey? ›

After 11 years with the Mariners, Griffey, a graduate of Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, was traded to the Reds on Feb. 10, 2000, in exchange for Jake Meyer, Mike Cameron, Antonio Pérez and Brett Tomko.

Who is the Mariners' legendary pitcher? ›

Mariners Hall of Fame Members

Randy Johnson was one of the most dominating pitchers in MLB history. He won five Cy Young Awards (1995, 1999-2002), including the first by a Mariners pitcher when he went 18-2 with a 2.48 ERA in 1995.

Who is considered the best baseball pitcher ever? ›

Determining the best pitcher of all time is subjective and often debated among baseball enthusiasts. However, some of the most frequently mentioned names include Cy Young, Walter Johnson, Sandy Koufax, and Greg Maddux, among others.

How fast did Greg Maddux throw? ›

Maddux relied on his command, composure, and guile to outwit hitters. Though his fastball touched 93 mph in his early years, his velocity steadily declined throughout his career, and was never his principal focus as a pitcher. By the end of his career, his fastball averaged less than 86 mph.

Who is Seattle's best pitcher? ›

Career Top 10 Leaders
1.Paul Abbott.679
2.Logan Gilbert.654
3.Randy Johnson.637
4.Jamie Moyer.625
5.Hisashi Iwakuma.618
5 more rows

How fast was Randy Johnson's fastball? ›

No left-handed pitcher has ever thrown as fast as Randy Johnson's 102 mph pitch, The statistic states that Randy Johnson, a well-known left-handed pitcher, holds the record for the fastest pitch ever thrown by a left-handed pitcher at 102 miles per hour.

Who was the pitcher whose arm fell off? ›

Dravecky returned to pitch for the Giants in August 1989 and won his first Major League game of the season. In his second start of the year, Dravecky broke his arm throwing a pitch. He retired from baseball after the season and, following a cancer recurrence, had his left arm amputated in 1991.

Who was the pitcher with one arm? ›

Left-handed pitcher Jim Abbott is probably the most celebrated athlete with a major disability of his era. Born with a deformed right arm, Abbott was already a national hero before signing a professional contract with the California Angels in 1988.

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On the same day that Rickey Henderson broke Lou Brock's all-time steals record, Nolan Ryan made history as well, recording his major league record seventh no-hitter. On May 1, 1991, at the age of 44, Ryan became the oldest player to register a no-hitter.

Who did the Mariners get rid of this year? ›

The Mariners overhauled their lineup, essentially swapping out Hernandez, Suarez, Kelenic, Caballero, Wong, Mike Ford, Tom Murphy and AJ Pollock for a group including Polanco, Haniger, Garver, Raley, Urias and Zavala.

Who did the Mariners trade Jason Varitek for? ›

The Trade: July 31, 1997. Seattle Mariners trade C Jason Varitek and P Derek Lowe to the Red Sox for P Heathcliff Slocumb. The Result: This trade always appears high on worst deadline deals lists, and with good reason.

Have the Seattle Mariners made any trades? ›

Seattle Mariners optioned 2B Samad Taylor to Tacoma Rainiers. Seattle Mariners selected the contract of RHP Brett de Geus from Tacoma Rainiers. Seattle Mariners selected the contract of RHP Tyson Miller from Tacoma Rainiers. Seattle Mariners sent 2B Sam Haggerty on a rehab assignment to Tacoma Rainiers.

What did the Padres trade for Blake Snell? ›

The San Diego Padres' trade for Blake Snell turned into a heist. The Padres acquired the then one-time Cy Young award winner — who won his second with San Diego in 2023 — for right-handed pitchers Luis Patiño and Cole Wilcox, and catchers Blake Hunt and Francisco Mejía.

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