PET CLINIC ROUTINE! Doctor Adley and Dad take care of moms new unicorn with Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set (2023)


WELCOME TO ADLEYS PET CLINIC! another fun video in partnership with Moose Toys!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! We want to show you our new Rainglow Unicorn Vet Set!! My family really loves this toy so we wanted to pretend and be vets!! My dad and I opened up our pet clinic and got all of our tools ready for business!! Mom then came in saying she has a pet unicorn named Rainglow that hasn't been feeling so good and wanted us to look at it!! After examining Rainglow we saw that she had an upset stomach and a hurt leg!! We used all of our special tools and helped the unicorn feel better!! We could tell we did a good job because it's horn turned blue and it was smiling at us!! Again thanks Moose Toys for the really fun time!! #ad #Rainglow #LittleLive

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Bye vlog


- Can you help me fix my unicorn? - Yeah.

Let me put her on the table for the doctor.

- Oh it's okay.

- Careful.





Come here.

(Rainglow horn, beeping) - I hear it! - Is.

It good? - Yep, its good.

- That's where it got hurt.

- Kay, lets fix it.

- Some Dream Cream on it., (Rainglow whimpering) - Oh its okay.

She's sad - [Shaun] Adley's, Vet Clinic.

And this video is sponsored by Moose Toys, enjoy.

- Okay.

- Woop, let's, get ready for work.

- For work.

I'll, get ready.


- I hope today's, not crazy busy.

- Yeah.

- Yesterday.

We had to fix so many animals.

- Yep.

- But that's.

Okay, cause we like doin it.

- Yeah.

Kay, time for these.

- Oh, our badges? - Yep, our badges.

- Assistant Shonduras.

- Dad.

Could you help me daddy? - Yeah.

There's? Your badge.


You go.

- Thank you daddy! - Kay,? Should we get all our tools ready? - Yes,? Our tools are right here and here's.

Our doctor, bag.

- Kay, I'll hand them to you, and you get them in the doctor bag.

- Kay.

- Thermometer.

- Mhm.

- Dream Cream.

- Okay.

- Sparkle Scope.

- Okay.

- We don't need to put that in the bag it-- - Magic Bandage.

- Okay.

- And.

Then Unidrops.

That looks good.

- (mumbles) for business.

- We're open for business? - Yep, we're open.

- Okay.

- We're open for business! - Customers, we're open! - Rainglow what's wrong? Oh.

She doesn't feel good.

(Rainglow, neighing), Should, I.

Take you to Dr.

Adley?, Oh, honey., Oh, perfect, look.

She has a unicorn vet set.

She can make you feel better! - Do.

We need more? (doorbell ringing, knocking at door) Oh, a customer? - Okay, more pills.


- Hi! - Hi! Will.

You guys help me with my unicorn? She, doesn't feel good.

- Oh, her horn's red.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, come on in.

- I think she may have a hurt leg.

- Welcome to Adley's Vet Clinic! - Can.

You help me fix my unicorn? - Yeah.

Let me put her on the table for the doctor.

- Oh it's okay.

- Careful.


Okay, unicorn.

(Rainglow whimpering) - Awh, she's.

So cute.

- Lets give her a drink.

She might be thirsty.

- Okay.

- What's your unicorn's name? - Rainglow.

- Drink up little guy! - Oh look she's, drinking.

- We're going to give her medicine.

- Yeah.

These are Unidrops, they're going to help her feel better so that we can fix her.

- Okay.

(Rainglow chiming), Oh.

- Oh she's feeling, better, good job.

- Kay, lets take it out.

- Kay.

Good job., Awh, kay, Doctor.

- Awh.

Now lets use our Sparkle Scope - Oh.

The Sparkle Scope?, Kay, I'll.

Hold her Tell me.

If you hear it.

- Okay.

- Oh, come here., It's.

Okay, Rainglow.

(Rainglow's horn.

Beeping) - I hear it! - Is.

It good? - Yep, its good.

- Okay.

Oh, she's.


- Okay.

Your unicorn is getting better - Oh, good.

- She's getting better already., Her, horn's, getting less red What's.

Next doctor? - This, thermometer.

- Her thermometer?.

Oh, come here.

Let's check your temperature.

(Rainglow neighing) - Her horn's green.

- Yeah, she's, gettin, better!, Let's, see if she can start to stand up., Oh, good job, Rainglow.

- Now for this.

- I know she hurt her leg.

Can you help her leg? - Oh, her leg? - Yeah.

- Okay, yeah.

Let's, take a look.

- This.

- That's where it got hurt.

- Kay, let's put this on it - Some Dream Cream on it?, (Rainglow, whimpering), Oh, its okay, she's, sad.

Here, will you hold her? Hand?, That, usually helps.

- Yeah.

Oh, come here.

- There.

You go.

- I'm here, Rainglow.

- She's very better.

- Good! - Now for one more thing, - For one more thing, - a bandage.

- we need a bandage.

Awh, she's.

So happy., Awh., There.

You go Rainglow.

- Awe, whoa! - Oh, she's happy.

- Let's give her one more drink before she goes.

- I think that's a good idea., (Rainglow neighing) - Good job Rainglow! - She's.

So happy! Look at her horn! Her horn is blue.

You guys fixed her! - Good job.

Dr., Adley!, You're, good at that.

- Look how happy she is! - Good Job! Okay.

Now she needs to come rest for just like five minutes.

- Okay, go and rest.

- Okay.

She needs rest a bit.

Where should we have her rest doctor? - We should get her a bed.

- I'll go get her one.

You, keep an eye on her, I'll, be right.


- Kay.

You got the bed? - Yep Oh, there., (Rainglow, chiming) - Her Band-Aid.

- Kay.

Should we clean up while she rests? - Yep,? We should put one of these in here.

- Good idea.


Do you want this? - Let's put it right? Here., Put.

These right, here., (Rainglow, neighing) - I think the unicorn is waking up.

- Okay.

We can take the bandage off now., (Rainglow, neighing) - Good job! - She's so happy.

Thank you so much guys for helping her.

- She's way.



You go.

- How.

Did you fix her? - With some magic tools.

- Awh.

- Yeah, we're really good at fixing unicorns and animals.

- Yep.

- But? We should do her hair for you before she goes.

- I'll give her hair in a pony, tail.

- She looks so great guys.

- Yeah, I think she's way happy and healthy now.

- Yeah.

You can tell by the color of her horn cause its blue.

- Doctor.

Should we give her her certificate? - Yeah, I'll write on it! - Kay,? So this means that we will always take care of your unicorn and make sure she is always feeling good, okay? - Thank you.

(Rainglow neighing) - For Dr.


- Good job, Dr.


- Make sure to come back.

- Yeah, come back here again, we'll always take care of your unicorn, I'll sign.

It too.

Dr., Shonduras., Okay, there's, your certificate.


Her back.

If you guys ever need anything, okay? - Thank you so much, guys.

- Bye Rainglow! - Bye Rainglow! - Bye! - Thanks for comin in!, Good, job, Doctor.

- Good job, Doctor.

- We did good.


Dream Cream worked really good.

That was a good unicorn.

Too, huh? - Yeah.

She was being all crazy though.

- I know.

Sometimes our patients are crazy.

- Yeah! - She has over forty sounds and reactions when you play with her, that's crazy! - Yeah! - Should.

We put all the stuff away? - Yeah.

- Do.

You guys like our badges? These are all things we made for our Veterinary Clinic cause we like to play vet a lot.

And then these are all the things that came with Rainglow.

The Unicorn.

- And.

We have our badges.

- Yeah.

- Who helped us make our badges? - Mom! - Yeah, Mom helped us make the badges.

She did a really good job.

And these signs.

This was a fun video! - Thanks for watching, bye! - Bye! (laughing), The, unicorn., (relaxed, funk, music).

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