PiRATE BEACH we buried ADLEY!! new lake surprises, making sand castles, and bedtime routine reviews! (2023)


Niko and Dad dig a giant hole and we bury Adley inside!!

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Best Routine Day Ever 1112

Guess where we are!!? If you guessed the lake, then you are very smart and we are spending a lot of time there lol. It's a lot of fun here, but we also brought surprise to the lake. I brought super soaker water guns and water balloons for a water battle, Adley brought new water toys and candy, and Jenny surprise for all of us was essentials for the lake house: hot dog cookers, towels, and s'mores kit. But it looks like Adley found the smores kit because all the chocolate is gone.

we get everything to the lake and we immediately start filling up water in the squirt guns and the battle begins. It's first dad vs kids, but soon Jenny get her hands on the big super soaker it becomes everyone vs mom!! The battle ends when we start playing in the sand. We make castles and creatures, till Adley's feet a buried in the sand and we decide to trap her.
Just before we are about to leave, our neighbor gets in their boat and makes the biggest wave I've ever seen in the lake. They keep making these, we have a future as surf pros.

Back home it's time to get the kids to bed. Adley and I start her bed time routine. First of, we need to decide what the routine is. Does she clean up here toys first or comb out here hair. Once we decide how the night time routine is going to go, we show you what we do before bed. We sing and read, we go to the bathroom and get in our PJ's, and we say good night to Jenny and baby brother before it's time to go to sleep.

What a great best day ever! surprises at the lake, tons of family fun on the beach, and our bed time routine!

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- [Shaun] Hey! Wait, are these toes? Is there someone in the sand? (giggling), What, the? Hi.

- Hi.

- [Jenny] Da, da, da, da! - Surprise! - The Halloween, potion., (screaming), (kids, cheering) - [Shaun] She grew an arm! (giggling), Another, arm! - Hi! - [Jenny] Don't step on it! Ahh! - [Shaun] Not.

My fishy! - [Shaun] Whoa! (yelling), (laughing) - Look away! We've got special surprises.

- We are surprised at the lake again.

I feel like the past couple videos have been at the lake.

One, it's, really fun and two.

We brought surprises.

This time! Hey, you're, not supposed to look at the surprises! We've got a floaty.

We've got a Super Soaker.

We've got these thingies.

Ballon, War, Battle, Balloons., So, sneaky.

- Attack! (yelling) - [Shaun] And.

We've got a bunch of mini squirt guns.

Oh and somewhere in here..


This is Adley's surprise.

- You guys can't see my surprise.

- Okay, everyone in the family brought surprises to the lake today.

Here's, the other surprise.


If we buried this in the sand? A pool.

- Hey, guys.

- [Shaun] What? - Since we're at the lake now, I probably should show you my surprise once we get in there.

- [Shaun] Okie, dokey., Mom, what's, your surprise? - I brought like essential, things., Scissors, trash, bags.

- [Shaun] S'mores boxes? - S'mores boxes.

Why is there only one chocolate in here? - [Shaun] 'cause of her! - [Jenny] Did.

You steal all the chocolate? - Yes.

- [Jenny] Oh.

My God.

- Adley's obsessed with chocolate.

Eat, your fruits and veggies, not your chocolates.


Just remembered one more surprise.

- [Jenny] Dad's struggling.

- [Shaun] There's.

Your Paw Patrol towel.

- It's the one for me, It's.

The one for me! - And Adley gets a unicorn towel!, (screaming), I'm.

So excited! Normally.

When we come here, there's, nothing here, just whatever fits in the car.


Finally, got like a stock of stuff.

- A broom.

- A broom! - Your broom! - [Shaun] What are you doing over here? - Want to see my surprise, now? - [Shaun] Yeah, let's, see the surprise.

- Okay, gummy bears and I brought all kinds of stuff that can float in the water, maybe.

- [Shaun] Those are all water.

Toys? That is going to be so fun! - And I also brought some candies.

- [Shaun] Good idea.


This is going to be all your lake stuff? - Yeah.

These are all my lake toys.

(laughing) - [Shaun] What.

You doing? (upbeat, music), (laughing) - [Adley] We got a super fast, runner! - Sand! Sand! - [Shaun] You're in the sand? - Yeah.

- [Shaun] Oh, yeah.

The water's, looking nice, today., Whoa, Niko, your pants! (laughing) You need to get you swimmies on first, bud., Niko! - Did you enjoy your ride? What are you doing? - [Shaun] Niko,? Do, you know what this is? - Whoa! Yeah! (laughter) - We literally raided all our dollar for all this stuff and it's actually decent stuff.

- What about the popsicles? We, gotta put them in.

We got to put them in! - Popsicles in the fridge first.

- We brought all the necessities.

- We're in business, baby., Oh, yeah, mom's birthday, still in here.

Niko, shut the drinking fountain.

- [Jenny] We definitely need to get a stool for the little ones.

- Look at how pretty Niko's fingernail's are.

- [Jenny] Yeah.

And then I grabbed it from him.

- Massive surprise! - Massive surprise! - And I, don't know, if I've showed you this.

This is pretty cool.


The door.

Da, da, da, da!, - Surprise! (screaming) - Okay, I did not like that.

Hey, quit getting us.


Hey, get dad, not me! - Never, I.

Am the Super Soaker master.

- [Jenny] Get him, get him! I was just showing them our cute Dutch door.

And then you got me.

Adley! And.

We adopted a dog.

- I have just met you and I love you.

- It's.

Our lake dog.

- It just emerged from the water.

One day.

- No, no, that dog belongs to there.

(yelling) - Okay Adley.

How about this one? (imitating shooting) (yelling) - [Jenny] No, not me.


Have you noticed that these little things (imitates shooting) Hey.

Someone take this from me.

I'm, not responsible.

(crying), My, whole family's crying.

- You just made both of our kids cry.

- I'm sorry!.


Am not responsible with squirt guns.

- [Jenny] Shouldn't.

You get your swimsuit on, bud? - No.

- [Jenny] What? - Here.

You go.

Put it in the water, now, pull.

It out.

Now, push it.

- Wow! - Pull.

Then look at mom and push.


Adley, I got you.

- I want to change to my swimsuit.

- [Jenny] You, do, good., (upbeat, music), (yelling), (imitating, shooting) - [Shaun] I'm.

So stoked, we got a bunch of toys here.


This is a heavy one.

We put a lot of water in there.

The way you get it to shoot, is you gotta pump? This., Oh, yeah., (cheering), Here's, the rules, you don't.

Look at me.

You don't get shot.


If you look at me, you get shot.

Adley!, (screaming) Hey.

You looked at me!, (laughing), No, no, no!, Stop, it!, Niko.

Do you want to shoot this? (screaming) Push this button right? Here.

- Yeah.

- Push that button.

(yelling) Good shot, Niko!, Go, Niko, go, Niko, go!, Hey, where are you going? Come back here!, (yelling) - [Jenny] Hey Mister Guy with the Shirt.

You need to wipe off the vlog.

- Sorry about that vlog,? Did you look at me? Don't? Look at me.

(Jenny laughing) - You gotta do it again.

- Sorry about that vlog,? Did you look at me? Don't? Look at me., (Jenny, laughs), [Adley], Can.

You do this for me.

Please dad? - Sure.

(yelling) - [Jenny] That's.

It, yeah, yeah!, (Jenny, screaming), You're, not looking., (Shaun, Screaming), (laughing), (cheerful, yelling), Okay, time.


- How are you all the way out there? Okay,? This is going to be our sea creature, museum.

All, right.

The aquarium is now open.

Good, job, Step on that one.

- [Jenny] Good job, Niko.

- [Adley] Dad.

Do you need an orange fish? - I do.

- [Adley] We could have a sting ray, dad.


You need a sting ray for your aquarium? - [Jenny] Is.

The shovel the sting ray? - Here's a fish, ready, Niko? - [Jenny] Yeah, stomp it.

- Double fishies, Good job.

- [Jenny] Double.

Oh yeah.

- Okay, ready? - [Jenny] Check.

It out.

- It's a fishy! You want to put this one by it? It's, a baby fish! (cheering) - [Jenny] Don't step on it.

Oh, not my fishy! - More.

(Jenny, &, Shaun, yelling) - Niko, don't.

You step on my fishy! - Guys, help! - [Jenny] You're trapped! - Adley's trapped in the sand! I'm going serious with this, I'm, getting the shovel.

- [Jenny] Shovel's, out., Good, job, Niko.

- One of theses days, I want to get a shovel and like really dig a big hole and completely bury someone.

- [Jenny] Let's do it.



Dad, Adley, He, doesn't, mind getting sandy.

- If.

We had a real shovel.

And you really buried me.

Deep, I would do it.


You go, new shoes., Do, you like them? - Yeah! - These are the new Sandidas.

They're like Adidas and sand.


They, make you jump, higher, try and jump in them.

(laughing) - Do a very big, one dad, reach all the way up here.

- [Jenny] Okay.

- Like that? - Yeah.

- We gotta dig a hole first.

- [Jenny] There.

You go, lay down.

- Are.

We going to really bury you? - [Jenny] Lay down.

Here we go.

- Let's start digging a hole and bury Adley.

- Can I help? - Yeah.

You can help.

Okay, We got to start digging right.


I've wanted to do this ever since the summer.


Bury, someone.

- [Jenny] We've got two little digging dogs over here.

(upbeat music) - All right, lay down right? There.

(Cheerful, yelling) - Not on my face.

(giggling) - Her legs are gone.

- [Jenny] Adley, you're making the funniest noises.

Wait, guys, where's, Adley? - Adley.

Where did you go? - [Jenny] You have to go potty? - Yeah.

(laughing) - [Jenny] Just pee in the sand.

- No! - [Shaun] Look.

She grew a leg! Another, leg!, (laughing) Look.

She grew an arm! Another arm! - Let me, out! (grunting) - [Shaun] The sand.


The dog was coming to save you.

Good, job, dog.

- I need to wash.

- (Shaun] You're going to have to go all the way in the water to wash off, crazy., (water, splashing) - Dad.

We could just use the Super Soaker! - Deal.

You stay right.


I'm gonna Super Soak you and wash you., (Adley, laughing), Come, closer, come closer.

Almost, done., Okay.

Your Adley wash is complete.

Please go dry.



We kind of dropped you guys in the lake.

- I'm already, frozen solid.

- [Shaun] You're.

Frozen solid? So is Niko.

Look at these warm little burritos in the towel.

- Dad.

Our little squirter is floating away.

- [Shaun] Uh oh, that's, blurry.

- Did.

You ruin the camera? - [Shaun] Maybe, just the lens, it's kind of blurry.

Look at these waves, whoa!, (Shaun, yelling), We could surf those, holy cow!.

Oh, boy! - [Shaun] These are big.

Ones!, Whoa!, (laughing), I think it's fixed.

The camera's dry.

- I got sand in my teeth.

- [Shaun] And, mom got sand in her teeth.

- I'm just eating gummy bears.

- [Shaun] Adley and Niko have gummy bears in their teeth.


You guys have the best day ever at the lake? - Yeah! - I love the lake.

So much.

- [Shaun] Me, too.

- I can't, wait until it's all furnished and livable.

We're, getting there.

- Guess what, dad.

You're going to be coming to the lake all day because you're cleaning vacuum underwater., 'cause.

You clean the stick out.

You clean.

Everything out.

- I did an underwater scuba mission to get out all the sticks and branches and stuff because the kids feel them and were like, "Ah!" - That was mostly me, actually.

- Like "Ah, ah, shark, shark!" - They thought.

The stick was a shark.

- They ask me all the time if there's sharks in there.

I have to explain there's, no sharks in there.

- [Shaun] Who's ready for bedtime routine? - Me, Me, Me! - [Niko] No.

No., No.

- (Shaun] Are.

You ready for bedtime routine? - No.


- [Shaun] Niko says, no, Adley says, yes.

To, the bedtime routine.

- Dad, I made a new garbage.

Can in my room.

- [Shaun] Oh, yeah? - Yeah, I made a new..

- [Shaun] You can never have too many garbage cans in your room.

- This is my garbage can.

- [Shaun] That's garbage? - Yeah.

- [Shaun] That's, pretty cool.

- It's a secret garbage.

I'm, making a big surprise for mom., So, I need..

- [Shaun] Out of garbage? - Yeah! - Aw, how sweet.

- It's a garbage robot.

You silly.

- [Shaun] A garbage robot? Where is this going? - I got a little friend.

She loves garbage.

She helped me find garbage.

It has a sort of smell, to smell garbage.

- [Shaun] Alright, what's first? - I already put on my jammies.

But we got to look at all my picture things.

- [Shaun] These are her bedtime cards., All, right, what's, first? - Go potty.

- [Shaun] We gotta go potty.

- Read books, put on pajamas, already got them, on., Say, prayers, sing, songs., I already got songs.

- [Shaun] I'm.

Just open.

Brush, teeth.

Brush, my hair.

- [Shaun] Brush, your hair.

- Make sure to snore at night.

(Shaun, laughs), And tidy up, my toys.

- Wait, you clean up your toys after you snore? - Yeah! - [Shaun] Now.

What order do we put these in? Snores are at the end, we'll brush hair, first., I like that., We could brush your hair and your teeth at the same time with the same brush to save time.

- No, that would be crazy.

- [Shaun] Okay.

Maybe we should do prayers right before we fall.

Asleep., Hey, hey, hey, get out of here.

This is my spot! (Adley laughing) - I can do that., Sing songs, clean up.

My toys.

- [Shaun] Maybe.

We should put away our toys, very first., (horror, music), Put away, toys, very first, then brush.

Our hair, go potty, brush.

Teeth, read books, sing, songs, prayers, snores!, (giggles), Are.

We ready? - Yeah, first we clean up.

My toys.

- Where should I put any secret garbage cans? - Just right? Here.

- [Shaun] Get out of here, we're cleaning up toys.

Clean up.

This toy.

(laughing) - [Adley] Oh, wait!, We need to clean up these!, We, can't, forget.

- [Shaun] Oh yeah.

The daytime routine.

All, right.

Your bed looks good.

- Check around.

We cleaned up toys! - [Shaun] Good job! - Now next on the paper.

We put my baby to sleep - [Shaun] I don't, see that one.

- It's okay.

We can just do it., ♪, Good, night, sleep, tight, good dreams tonight, ♪, ♪, Once, a girl.

As soon as you get up, ♪ (laughing) - [Shaun] Should.

We check around and do the next thing? Because.

We have lots of things to do.

- Remember when we made our potion video? - [Shaun] Yeah.

- I have potions in here.

- [Shaun] You still have those potions? - Yeah.

- [Shaun] All of Adley's special things are under her bed, in case, you guys, didn't, notice., Valentine's, potions, Halloween, potions.

How old are we talking? - Eye potion.

- [Shaun] These are from like eight months, ago.


You got creepy stuff under your bed.

- Remember.

You said, "Please, will you put the skeleton head in there?" - Oh yeah, it's, still in there.

- [Adley] There's so much stuff.

- [Shaun] You are so cool.

Oh, ew.

We have some spillage of potion.

- [Adley] Potions.

- Oh no.

This is not good.

This potion is going..

- [Adley] In.

The garbage.

- [Shaun] Yeah.

- The Halloween potion.

(screams) - [Shaun] All right, are we done with the potion part of your bedtime routine? - I gotta put all my potions back.

- [Shaun] I'm going to go? Get rid of that one.

I'm going to go put this away, keep doing bedtime routine.

(grunting) - Next is brush.

My hair.

Brandon? I'm going to turn the red dot off.

- All right, vlog, we're doing hair and teeth.


One first, teeth? - Hey.

- Hey.

We look so cool.

We are looking fancy.

Let me, see those chompers.

(Adley, moaning), A, Jasmine, brush., A, whole, new world.

- No singing!, (record, screech) - A dazzling..

- No singing! - And when your teeth are brushed.

And the toilet's flushed, it's almost bedtime for you- - Freeze, freeze! Wake up! - Only.

The kiss of a frog will wake me up.

- Thank you, froggy.

(giggling) - Are you a frog.

And you just kissed me? - Yeah.

- I felt it, I.

Woke up., (Adley, singing), Will.

You sing, a song about frogs? - Frogs can hop.

Frogs are green like..

- Pause, a song about dads.

- Dad frogs are cool, they're.

So awesome.

They have green fur.

- Wait, green fur? - He jumps on a cloud and makes them fall.

- Pause.

How about a song about Niko? - Niko is perfect and I love him.



Want you to love him, love., (upbeat, music), Niko's, the best.

- Pause! (Adley, moaning), Well, princess, oh, sorry, unpause., All right.

We put away our toys.

We brushed out hair.

We brushed our teeth.

- Toilet.

- [Shaun] Potty.

You, gotta stay here.

Vlog., (toilet, flushes], (Adley, screams), She, kind of turned into a crazy..

All, right., (Adley, screaming), What's, next? - Brush.

Our teeth? - [Shaun] That's, not a tooth brush.

- That's a book.

- [Shaun] Okay, pick a book.

- I know, the perfect book.

- [Jenny] Night night, guys.

- [Shaun] Night night, Niko.

- [Jenny] Give him hugs and kisses.

- [Shaun] Oh I know what you getting.

Night, Niko, Oh, I, Love, you, kiss?, Hugs, oh, hug?.

Daddy wants a hug.

Adley, hugs! - Bye.

Yay! - [Shaun] Night night, say, bye to vlog! Say night night to the vlog.

(laughing) Night night.

- [Adley] Check, your footsie.

- [Shaun] She's, checking his reflexes before bed.


Sure, those reflexes are working before bed.

This is me and Adley's favorite book.

Let's do it.

- This the baby bear.

And the big bear book.

Dad's, the big bear and I'm.

The baby bear.

- Me and Adley have read this book since she was just little.

And we do all the actions.

I've always been big bear and she's always been..

- Someone's going to help us.

This is our helper, she's going to flip the pages for us.


You Lilly? - [Shaun] Number, one, tickle your tum.

(Shaun, making playful noises) (Adley, laughing), Number, two, just say - Boo! - Number three, touch your - Knees! I got a new trick.

Knee! - [Shaun] Whoa! - Unicorn, flip the page.

Good job.

Number four, touch.

The floor.

- Door, floor.

I said, door.

- [Shaun] Number five, do a dive! Number five, do a..

- Dive! - [Shaun] Number six, wiggle your hips.

- I can't.

Stop wiggling! - [Shaun] Number seven, jump to heaven.

This is my favorite one., (Adley, yells), (Shaun, yells), Page, turn.

- I got a helper, she's, not a good page turner.

- [Shaun] Yeah, that a better place for her.


No sleeping on the job! - It's.

Not the time yet.

- [Shaun] Number eight, stand up straight! - I can be straight as a pencil.

- [Shaun] I can be straight as a stick.

Number nine, walk in a line.


Hup-Two-Three-Four., Number, ten.

Start it all again.



Do it fast.? Number, one, tickle.

Your tum.

Number two, just say, boo., Number, three, touch your knee, number floor, touch the floor.


Number five, do a dive, number six, wiggle your hips., My hips, don't, lie, I'm, Shakira, but I'm, a guy., Number, seven, jump to heaven.


If you can jump over me off your bed.

Don't, crush me please, oh no.

- I was thinking of a plan.

- That was scary.

- Now.

You can jump over me.

Deal! - [Adley] Please don't, crush me., One, two., (yelling), Candy.

Bear tried to grab my legs.

Number eight, stand up.

Straight., Number, nine, walk in a line.


Number ten.

We did it again.

Good job!, What's.

The next card? - Say prayers.

- [Shaun] Sign songs, say, prayers, then, bedtime., What song.

Do you want to sing? Oh no,? She fell asleep.

The only way to wake her up is a song., I know, the perfect song to wake her up.

♪ Into, the unknown, into the unknown, ♪ We're supposed to sing a song.

What song do you wanna sing? - I know, the perfect song, you'll do the drums.

- [Shaun] Okay I'll do the drums.

- When I jump on the ground, you'll.

Stop singing., (Adley, singing), Time for bed, dad.

- [Shaun] That was it.

That was the song? - Yeah.

- [Shaun] I loved it.

Okay, good, job., Sing, songs, done., Prayers and snores are the last 2 things., (Adley, screams) - Dad.

Can you get my yellow puppy? I'm, trying to organize my bed.

- [Shaun] He tried to go skydiving.

- It's not skydiving day.

We always have skydiving day, but it's, not today, tomorrow's skydiving, day., Hop in carefully.

- [Shaun] Hop, in., Squeeze, in.

- You're the biggest one.

You gotta hop in careful.

- [Shaun] Who's doing prayers, you or me? - Me.

- [Shaun] Deal.

Hey, where'd.

You go? (laughing) Before.

We say, prayers, you end the vlog.

- Thanks for watching, bye.

(snoring) - Oh no.

She fell asleep.

Today was really fun.

Thanks for hanging out with us.


Thanks for watching.


She's, still, asleep., (upbeat, music), Say night night to the vlog.


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